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ng's roster

Post by ngmastah on Jan 18th, 2017 at 12:13 am
only one character at the moment, but hopefully ill have one or two more by the end of the week. please excuse the edginess of this character's bio, i made it up when i was 13 and i wanted to keep it similar.

EDIT: wow the resolution is trash. if you want a clearer pic of it go here pls;

EDIT2: fuck i also forgot he has telekinetic powers. just pretend you read that in the "strengths" section.

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Post by ngmastah on Jan 31st, 2017 at 01:23 am
im so sorry if the image sizes are completely fucked up. I feel like an old person using a computer i cant figure any of this out. Also the text option for paintbrush on mac is straight trash so here's his bio:


420Snipez was born to a normal suburban family. But he didnít develop into a normal person. When he was but 12 years old, he developed an ardent obsession with CoD. Eventually, he quit school, got obese, and ended up being consumed by the game. This powerful dedication lead an unknown force in the universe of SPB to take an interest in him, granting him the powers that he worked so hard to git gud in CoD in real life. As for his powers of bullshit? He has that too. But he got it from practice convincing his mom not to kick his fat 34 year old ass out of the house. Today, 420Snipez earns his money taking hit contracts and living out his days in his filthy house playing his favourite game; CoD.

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