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Oct 20th, 2017 at 11:11 am
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SK8 OR DIE: Skateboarding adventures in Brawl City!: Join us on a skateboarding adventure through the mean streets and rough concrete! GNARLY - (Read 288 Times)

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Fuck this gay site.


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**-Introduce your character in a decent manner which compliments the storyline. No random off the wall jump ins and/or Deus Ex Machinas. Failing to comply with this in particular you will just be straight up ignored.

-Powers are allowed.

-Choose a character,new or old anything will do, that you think would fit the narrative. Whether it be a good guy or a bad guy.

-if your character does end up being a skateboarder. No magic skateboards, nu super duper laser fuck boards. Just regular boards made out of wood, with trucks, bearings and wheels. No hyphy fufu lame shit.

If you need inspiration/reference material of skateboarders, i would highly recommend checking out The Chrome Ball Incident. And hey, if it aint for the pictures, they have some neat interviews with some OG skaterats that might be a good read. But since there is such a wide array of characters and personalities, you don't need to particularly be a skateboarder. Just be creative and have fun.

**: fucking important.

UPDATE: added a chapter card.
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