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Oct 19th, 2017 at 04:03 am
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Forum Rules!: Every place needs rules! - (Read 276 Times)

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Post Icon Posted: Feb 14th, 2014 at 05:31 pm

1. Be respectful.

2. Use proper English, and only English.

3. Do not post personal information about others.

4. Do not complain about bans or warnings.

5. Do not spam, double post, or create duplicate threads.

6. Do not create large quotes.
- If the post you are quoting is excessively long or already quoting two previous posts ( quote pyramids), please abridge your quote as not to make the page long.

7. Do not bump old threads (unless it is brawling or art related).

8. Do not impersonate others.

9. Do not advertise other sites.
- You may advertise your personal site or page in your signature or art thread.

10. Do not create alternate accounts.

11. Do not evade bans.

12. Do not create posts that harm, disrupt, or attack the site's functions or layout.

13. Do not create "quitting" posts pertaining to leaving the board.

14. Do not post illegal content such as child pornography, drug discussion, or hacking.

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